Breeder Males

Miribu, Ashkit, and Ravenash cattery's work together to have the highest quality kittens and have done so since 1973.  We work hard to find the best possible gene combinations that have brought national and regional winners in our offspring throughout the years.  Take a look at our current handsome males in the cattery!  We are also willing to help other breeders in expanding their lines by offering stud service. Contact us for more details.


Ashkit's Rusty Nail
  • Brown Tabby  Male Born 2/19/13
  • Sire: GC Caellcats Jasper of Ravenash / Dam: Ashkit's Dart Vada

Ashkit's Oliver Twist

  • Red Tabby With White  Male Born: 2/16/13
  • Sire: Miribu Woody / Dam: CH Miribu First Noel of Ashkit

Ravenash Mr. Mistoffelees

  • Black Smoke With White  Male Born 7/13/13
  • Sire: Ravenash Hi Ho Son / Dam: Ravenash Masqurade

GC Ashkit's  Chunky Monkey
  • Cameo Tabby With White Male Born: 8/26/14
  • Sire: CH Miribu First Noel of Ashkit / Dam: GC TABZ-CATZ Tofu

"TJ"  Teddy Jr.
  • Brown Tabby  Male Born
  • Sire: Ashkit's Theodore Rosevelt  / Dam: Ravenash Rainbow in the dark

Hiho Son
  • Silver Tabby  Male Born 4/30/09
  • Sire: Miribu's Hi Ho Silver  / Dam: Ravenash Masquarade

Ashkit's Pumba
  • Cameo Tabby  Male Born 5/21/10
  • Sire: Ravenash Hi Ho Son  / Dam: Ashkit Rosey

Miribu's Woody
  • Silver Tabby W/ White American SH Male Born 09/16/09
  • Sire: GC. Miribu's Hi Ho Silver  Dam:  Miribu's Cali

Ch. Ravenash
  • Red Tabby American SH Male Born 10/17/09
  • Sire: GC. Ravenash Andrew Jackson Of Ashkit Dam:  Ravenash Cupcake

Not Proven At This Time

Ch. Ravenash
  • Brown Tabby American SH Male Born 10/17/09
  • Sire: GC. Ravenash Andrew Jackson of Ashkit  Dam:  Ravenash Cupcake
CH. Ravenash Duncan Hines of Ashkit
  • Blue Silver Tabby American SH Male Born 09/20/08
  • Sire: GC. Ravenash Let The Sun Shine In  Dam: Ravenash Sprinkles

Champion and Grand Champion Offspring