New Kittens  Our Kittens For Sale  Guidelines and Contract for New Kittens/Cats
Contract applies to any kitten or cat that is adopted or sold.  Kittens will be ready for viewing at 9 weeks.
We take a deposit at that time. Kittens are available for pick up at 14-16 weeks.
Waiting List for Kitten Availability We have no kittens at this time, but will be expecting in the next few days.
Ravenash Velvet & Oliver
Born 3/25/19
Ashkits Marvelous & Miribu Woody Born 3/29/19 Ravenash Diamond & Oliver Born 3/29/19          
Updated (7/19/19) Updated (6/20/19) (Sold) Updated (7/10/19)          
Velvet had new kittens.  Cream cameo tabby w/white, brown tabby w/white & red tabby males. Cream cameo tabby w/white, brown tabby, brown tabby w/white, & red tabby male kittens now available. Silver tabby with white kittens - Marvelous litter 4.5.19 
Kitten Video
Diamonds new litter of kittens was born on 4/5/19 Kitten Video    
Ravenash Roxy & Miribu Woody.  Born 4/4/19 Ashkits Gabby & Jr.
Born 3/9/19

Not available
Updated (7/10/19)
Kitten Video
Updated (4/17/19)    
Roxy and her new silver tabby kittens  gabbys brown tabby kitten 3.20.19 Cute little brown tabby newborn female kitten.